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The patriarchy is dying. Here's the proof.

Anonymous: Anti-sexist Vigilantes? Starting to Look like.

And god bless em. The link above is from Gawker, describing how internet superheroes Anonymous took on icky “sex troll” Hunter Moore, founder of “Is Anyone Up”, his icky website featuring suggestive photos and videos of women with no desire whatsoever to have their images posted on the internet.

You’ll recall that Anonymous also came down like a ton of bricks on a bunch of Twitter-bullies tormenting a suicidal teenager girl.  They also tried to wreak some justice on the man responsible for the suicide of Amanda Todd, but that didn’t turn out quite as well.


Point is, though, as Lorraine Murphy observes in the Slate article linked to above:

The mere threat of “doxing” is enough to intimidate even hardened trolls, as they contemplate having to live with the reputations they earned under a carefully-chosen pseudonym. Between this and the Violentacrez outing, it seems that the trolls are being flushed out from under their bridges.

Whatever you may think about Anonymous, it’s interesting and perhaps heartening to note that a such powerful online coalition, avowedly devoted to ‘fighting the good fight’, seems to define the good fight, at least in part, as making the internet a safe and happy place for both women and men.

Tellingly, they’ve even distance themselves from Julian Assange.

  • 19 December 2012
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